The Homestead

This pioneer dwelling circa 1800, has no electricity.

Paraffin lamps and candles provide lighting;  a fireplace and paraffin heaters provide heating;  the donkey is stoked twice daily for hot water. Our staff service the house daily.

Wood is provided for braaing and for the fireplace. Linen and towels are provided.

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Lounge & Dining room

The house is appropriately furnished with heirlooms.

The Dining Room can seats ten guests.

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A modern gas stove and oven as well as two gas fridges along with all the necessaries, make for a well-appointed kitchen.  The original hearth provides for open-fire cooking and indoor braaing.  The Dutch oven appeals to Foodies for bread baking.
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  1. Bath, shower, hand basin and toilet.
  2. Shower, hand basin and toilet.

Both bathrooms are across a courtyard from the homestead.

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  1. Double bed.
  2. Two single beds.
  3. Three single beds OR Kingsize bed and one single bed.
  4. The Stable: Double bed.
  5. The Pedlar’s Room: Two Single beds
  6. Three quarter bed in the oxwagon.  The oxwagon is made available only when all beds in the house are occupied.

Letskraal in short

  • Letskraal offers self-catering accommodation only.
  • Letskraal comfortably hosts 10 guests in 5 bedrooms.
  • Children and pets welcome.
  • Linen and towels are provided.
  • Wood is provided.
  • The house is serviced daily – no need to do dishes.
  • There are no laundry facilities.
  • RED FILE: In the lounge you will find a file with a comprehensive inventory to avoid searching for items.
  • There is no cellphone reception and no telephone at Letskraal.
  • Letskraal does not have electricity. (gas stoves and fridges; paraffin lamps and candles)

What to bring along

  • Food and beverages.
  • A good torch or headlamp is advisable.
  • Warm clothing in winter.
  • Dressing gown and slippers – the bathrooms are across a courtyard.
  • Courage for the pace and space at Letskraal.

Photo Gallery

Comments by guests

"I am writing in my wagon at the place of Andries Pretorius - it is a fine sheep farm and the pen in which they are folded is made of stones" 

Dr. Mackrill, 1816, Somerset-East

"Comforable quarters on a farm which is a very beautiful one and once belonged to the rebel Pretorius"

Bishop Robert Grey, October 1850, Cape Town

"Letskraal, enters our top 5 best travel experiences. After all, travel isn’t all about 5 star hotels, its about 5 star experiences. The Karoo is one such experience, in particular Letskraal."

David Beaumont, Twickenham, UK

"The place is breathtaking – food for the soul and a profound lesson in the importance of history and engaging the ancestors. "

John and Denise Battersby, London, UK

"All is good, real and appropriate. The house lacks for no comfort and contains no unnecessaries. The impression one has is that the 20th century came and went leaving no trace. How wonderful! How harmonious!"

Mike and Jenni Thomson, Wynberg